Memento 2000

Leonard Shelby is tracking down the man who raped and murdered his wife. The difficulty of locating his wife's killer, however, is compounded by the fact that he suffers from a rare, untreatable form of short-term memory loss. Although he can recall details of life before his accident, Leonard cannot remember what happened fifteen minutes ago, where he's going, or why.

Memento Mori 2020

An elderly woman lies on her deathbed, ignored by her various family members as they wait around the house for her to die. After her death, the family is forced to reckon with the aftermath of her seemingly inconvenient demise and the impact of her questionable personal legacy.

Memento Mori 2016

After an accident, Daming can't remember what happened last night. Back home, he discovers in his closet the dead body of Gao Yan. Who killed this man hated by so many people included Daming himself?

Zadar's Memento 1984

The painful challenges experienced in the life of a farmer from Zadar, Croatia, in the years from World War I to World War II.

Memento Mori 2018

Memento Mori is about a girl who's stuck in a dream circle, reliving key moments of a traumatic event. What happened to her? And will she survive this nightmare before time runs out?

Memento 1966

A film about Jewish cemeteries in East Berlin, based on a screenplay by Günter Kunert, with text by Rabbi Martin Riesenburger. There are shots of gravestones and inscriptions – deported, murdered, perished; in Auschwitz or Theresienstadt. Commentary reminds us of the victims – "in 1933, 160,564 Jewish citizens lived in Berlin; in 1945, 3,500".

Memento 2002

A cop, a blind psychologist, and a mysterious murderer are embroiled in a mental game copying thriller movies. As the suspects are being killed one after another, the case seems to be heading to a dead end. When the answer seems to be knocking at the door, as the murderer finally is exposed and killed, the unexpected is standing right in front of them...

Memento 1967

A day before the earthquake in Skopje, Wily Muller, a German conductor, while passing through the concert meets a young girl Jana, a student from Skopje. After several years they meet again at the "Solidarity Meetings" event, which is held in Skopje, where Wily Muller is a conductor at a concert held on that occasion. Those several days, spent together with the conductor, for Jana mean fulfillment with a kind of reminiscence of her family tragedy experienced during Skopje's earthquake, and also a wondering and search for a way of starting life again, which stopped on the day of the earthquake. Although the possibility of going with Muller is very attractive, Jana stays in Skopje. Her place is beside the young man whom she loves and belongs to, with whom she is related with true love...


A remake of the 2000 film, 'Memento', which centers on a man suffering from short-term memory loss while trying to track down his wife's killer.

Memento 1968

Experimental short film about car wreckage and automobile safety.

Mr. Memento 2018

An aging photography collector obsessed with death receives the final piece to his collection.

Memento - A Boulder Life Line 2006

What happens when a crazy filmmaker meets a crazy boulder and they decide to make a film together? It could be called pre-programmed chaos or the beginning of a common vision. After nearly two years of work, the film is finished, pure soul has come out! Camera and direction show boulders in a unique style. The philsophy and climbing art of Bernd Zangerl set the crown on the film. The locations were Ticino, Magic Wood and the mountains of the Silvretta. Each area has its own character, its own style and ambience. 'Every centimeter has its meaning. As with Humbold's natural vision, thought and feeling merge, and here the symbiosis of man and rock, man's stone, humanized petrified. " The film shows Bernd Zangerl, Barbara Zangerl and Thomas "Steini" Steinbrugger during bouldering at Magic Wood, Silvretta and Ticino. The best and most beautiful first visits by Bernd Zangerl are documented as well as spectacular highballs and low water soloing.

Memento Mortis 2015

A photographer uses dead bodies as props in her erotic photos. Everything was going well until she fell in love.

Memento Mori 1992

Several elderly friends and acquaintances in 1950s London are disturbed to receive mysterious telephone calls predicting their impending deaths...

Memento Mori 2005

Viewed from the world of Roger Ballen. Ballen is renowned for his confronting and bleak black and white portraits of marginalised South Africans. Melle van Essen follows in Ballen’s footsteps by creating 'Living' photographs with fixed frames and strong black and white contrasts with great emphasis on composition.

Memento Mori 1975

The writer Charmain Colson entertains a circle of old friends. One day, when the group receive an anonymous message saying Memento Mori/Remember you must die, they all panic in fear and angst.

Memento Mori 2020

It is the story of Kerem, who must fulfill the task given by God to wake up in a coma between the two worlds. Each episode is the original Merbar series of separate stories.

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